Below her mouth




Lesbian movie


Below her mouth is a romantic movie that came out in 2016 starring Erika Linder and Natalie Krill.

The movie is about an affair between Jasmine (Natalie Krill) and Dallas (Erika Linder).

The plot is pretty simple. A girl is getting married with a guy that is out of town, meets another girl and almost the minute after they are hooking up and falling in love.

Although the cliche storie line I really enjoyed the movie mostly because Erika Linder plays in it but also because it’s a very sensual movie. All the scenarios and the scenes were very appealing to me.

The movie has some sexual scenes that I consider maybe the best lesbian sex scenes in a movie because of the differences. I’ve had never seen a movie where they use strap ons in it, which made those scenes different form the rest of movies I saw.

I also loved the connection between the actresses, they really looked in love in the movie. Very good acting and quimistry in my opinion.

My score: 7/10


Sexual VS romantic orientation

For starters let’s talk about the differences between sexual orientation and romantic orientation.

As the name suggests sexual orientation is a sexual attraction for a specific sex. And romantic orientation is a romantic attraction for a specific gender.

So, for exemple if I identify as a lesbian it means I’m sexually attracted to people of the same sex as me but, I can also identify simultaneously as heteromantic which means I’m only attracted romantically to people of the opposite gender.

Usually romantic orientation is used by people that identify as asexual which mean they can’t feel sexual attraction, feeling only romantic attraction instead (in some cases).

People can also be aromantic feeling only sexual attraction.

This is the main difference between sexual orientation and romantic orientation that will be useful to know in the next post about sexuality.